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Where it all began

Our main goal at AI Camp is to revolutionize AI education around the globe. In doing so, we have helped thousands of students prepare for university and industry levels. Our unique teaching approach, using the world's best instructors to teach our small class sizes, makes AI education intuitive, accessible, and successful. At AI Camp, we teach our students to learn by doing. They build impressive AI products, develop in-demand skills, and forge powerful bonds with their mentors, advisors, and teammates. AI camp is in the business of providing opportunity. A maxim we use to unify us is that we are only as great as the doors we open.

A fully-fueled rocketship already blasting off



members and counting

AI Camp's Team Tomorrow provides motivated students with internships and the opportunity to work for external companies. Through this program, passionate students learn by doing and gain real job experience while attending school. These top junior developers are ready for real work experience and have the skills to do it yet don't have an open door to the industry. Team Tomorrow creates this door and allows these students to show their true professionalism.



single-project revenue

Hippo2 is our custom-built internal and customer-facing interface that facilitates course registration, dashboard, automated communication, back office, and other operations that are vital towards helping AI Camp generate millions in revenue annually.



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Today, AI is helping us make drugs, get to work, and fill out paperwork. Tomorrow, AI will be composing our music, delivering our goods, and more. We believe it's critical to prepare for tomorrow by learning about AI and expanding our knowledge as a team. We strive toward being one of the best knowledge bases out there, with our members constantly exercizing and practicing their skills on several different proejcts with multiple different companies. After only a few years, we've contracted 100+ of our developers out and learned from the best.



projects made by students

Our students build their foundation in core technical skills by utilize things like DevOps, best practices, analytics and AI fields like computer vision, natural language processing, and analytics to create revolutionary products deployed in multiple fields. However, Team Tomorrow doesn't stop there. Our developers apply their knowledge and experience to build pipelines, data dashboards, AI models, advanced web infrastructure, and more for companies like yours. Making sure to build stable and reliable platforms and services that follow the best practices in the industry.

The mission that brought us here

We have experienced first-hand that our traditional education did not prepare us for the real world. Even though we had advanced degrees from top universities, the job market was tough for us as we did not know what jobs were available, what to learn, or where to find help. In addition, college tuition has skyrocketed. Student debt in the U.S. has exceeded 1.6 trillion dollars, with the average student having $35,000 of debt by the time they graduate. Making matters worse, 50% of graduating students are unable to find a job with their degree. We believed there had to be a better way, so we founded this camp to help students prepare for the real world. We hope that AI Camp can serve as an early intervention in students' lives so that they can design the lives they want to have. Our students not only learn AI but how also how to pick a major, how to learn, network, and eventually become leaders in their chosen fields.

Meet the ones behind it all

Alex Duffy from Team Tomorrow

Alex Duffy

Head of Product

Michael Ke Zhang from Team Tomorrow

Michael Ke Zhang


Richard Hsu from Team Tomorrow

Richard Hsu


Ying Jiang from Team Tomorrow

Ying Jiang


Innovation moves the world and we're all for it

Here at Team Tomorrow, we make the future and are here to help build your company a brighter tomorrow. Our developers undergo rigorous curriculum and hands-on professional training to ensure they are ready to overcome any challenge. Grasp the opportunity to work with the best junior developers in the industry and watch your product fly.